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My mom and I were having a conversation about challenges in life and how sometimes we feel we are at the end of our rope. Or that things cannot get any worse.

But God.

Reflecting on Easter, especially today, I think about the disciples and how in just 24 hours their whole world would seem to crumble. Their rabbi, teacher, and mentor….crucified. It had to be the worst. It had to feel like everything had ended.

There are days we feel like that.

The thing is….the crucifixion wasn’t the end. It felt like the end. I mean after three years and all they had seen. Can you imagine? After all the miracles the disciples had witnessed, it would be hard to believe that all of that had ended in such a way.

But, it was the beginning. Not the end.

It was the beginning of new life. Salvation. For all people. YOU. ME. But the emotion of seeing and hearing all the people mock and will Him to death…it must have rang in their ears for hours. Yet, it wasn’t the end. He rose again, three days later, proclaiming the prophesies of old to be true.

I marvel at how I am like the disciple. There are times when I feel things are at an end. Maybe the worst. But really, God is at work, doing amazing things and all the circumstances and situations surrounding me are the beginning of His work. It feels like the end….but it is not.

I pray you see Him this Easter. No matter how dark or bright your days are…that you would see Him and the beginning He has for you.

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