I remember clearly.

I sat and read the email from dear friends that their sweet baby, their fourth, had spina bifida. They were living overseas…had given up everything…why? I wanted to crawl through the wireless line (is that image even possible?) and just sit with her. Pray silent words. Words that got stuck in my throat. And cry with her.

And I can tell you where I was in the kitchen when a friend called and said her baby girl that unexpectedly down syndrome.

Both totally unexpected. Not planned.

I am not sure what God has planned. My head tells me that the Bible covers a hundred promises that He is good. My heart shrivels inside at the pain and hurt that both these moms feel, watching the visions of all the things they’d dreamed…..change.

It is such an odd paradox-the death of a dream in life. A life is born in circumstances such as these and the dreams that went with it die. Yet, over time, a new dream forms and will grow slowly, nourished by love, prayers, and small smiles.

What a gift.

For all the expectations we have and the reality that He sets before us, He does have a plan. He promises that He has a plan that will not harm, but will prosper (Jer 29:11).

I can’t fix. I can’t even be there. But, I can pray. And text. And send encouraging notes. Trusting the Lord to hold these families tighter than the air itself. He is in the details and He is in this. Maybe someone just needs your presence today. Not a speech, just another human to be there. Or you may need presence. Whatever your need is, I pray you sense Him right there with you. Holding you tight.

I hope He encourages you and gives you small smiles today.

Praying for YOU.

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