I was praying today, after a potentially amazing opportunity the Lord opened today to free more women from human trafficking. I was having a conversation with Him, asking Him to work this out. I said “Lord, I’m just trying to free 10,000 women.”

Then He stopped me.

“Only I can free 10,000 women,” came the gentle reply. Yes. I need that re-calibration. All we do-whether we are raising kids, investing in schools, teaching, raising disciples, all of it…ALL of it…

Is Him. Only Him.

He does it. He saves. He frees, He heals. He is the ultimate parent. He is the best teacher. He is the most amazing leader. Without Him, we are nothing. I am nothing.

I smiled and revised my prayer “Lord, You know the desires of my heart. You have a heart for the poor and exploited. Would You show your glory, in a way that can only be explained as You? For freedom. For 10,000 women. They are already Yours.”

We were challenged this week in our Sunday service to see things through His eyes, with His lens. I want to see those around me and those He has given me a heart for, through His eyes. They are all His…my family, my freedom family…you.

Praising Him today that you are His and I can give you to Him to care for and pray for.

What reminders have you had lately that various things are His?

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