I read it and it changed my thinking that day. It articulated everything I had been thinking for the past year. I led a crazy life, a lifetime ago. Our house was a revolving door and yet I wondered why it wasn’t working. {If you think or even suspect you need some breathing room, check out this convicting post on margin.}

I too, had run across Acuff’s book Quitter and it touched a nerve in me that resounded with my heart and what I had felt nudged by God, for some time. I realized that if something happened and I passed away, all my kids and my family would remember and say was that I was a hard worker and stressed out. Nice legacy.

My ‘enough?’ When I went to India two years ago and realized that what I had been given and the heartbeat that He had placed inside of me was enough. I had more than I could ask for in an amazing family, parents, etc. And if I were able to work one day-24 hours-solely for freedom for women from human trafficking, that would be enough. Not even my lifetime, or for a week, but just one day. And He has allowed that and more.

Enough for my kids to know I wanted to be home with them more and that the Lord had called me to be a light for the poor, oppressed, and exploited. It is enough that I have a roof over my head, my children are well fed, and they laugh with joy daily, because they are healthy and safe.

I didn’t realize the peace and calm that had come with obedience and letting things go, until I read Brooke’s post. I have been living in that peace for over a year now, but just hadn’t put my finger on it so precisely as I did that night. My fulfillment used to come from a lot of different angles. Now it is just Jesus. Obeying Him. Pursuing Him. I confess I am not great at it, but even in my imperfection, it is so fulfilling.

As she so transparently put it: “I don’t want anything, if He doesn’t bring it.”

What about you? What would be your ‘enough?’ your fulfillment? Your line in the sand to say ‘if this happened…then…?’

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