So honored today to post at Hybrid Her! If you are not familiar with them, check them out!!


I am passionate about freedom: specifically for over 10,000 women in a red light district of Kolkata, India.

Last year my heart was ruined for these women and my heart was changed for those who had no voice.


If you are like me, you are buried under laundry, drowning in dishes, and continually cleaning floors, wiping counters, and more. The only change you see are diapers or toilet paper rolls.



2 thoughts on “Hybrid Her

  1. jackie corlett,

    HI Kristi,
    great to find your Fair Trade Friday blog! The last 2 links on our Motif blog this week are to here and Freeset. Whilst working in Bangladesh I’d hear of Freeset’s growth over the years … what an inspiration!

    Be blessed, Jackie

  2. Comment author Kristi,

    Wow! What an honor! Thanks for dropping by and linking up!! Bangladesh is a hard place. Thank you for your work and all you are doing! Will definitely stop by Motif!

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