I’ve had several conversations and read several posts this week on community and how we can feel so alone.

My heart aches when I read this.

We all desire deep friendships, some one that understand without much (or any) explanation, and a discerning word. The world is getting smaller through social media, internet and just basic travel, but our hearts seem to be a cavern, emptier for it.

I could tell you that you are not alone and that the Lord is always with you. But…we all need Jesus with skin on in our lives. Someone that will sit with us and listen. A friend you can be honest with, without condemnation. And a friend that will just smile in understanding, when no words are spoken.

God has created us with a desire for community, friendships, and accountability. If you are alone, feel alone, or are walking down a road by yourself, I’d love to pray for you.

I pray that you will sense Him beside you. That the Lord would provide community and friends for you. That He would begin those deep seeded relationships that last. I also pray that He will open your eyes to others that need friends.

‘A friend loves at all times.’

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