We have discussed what fair trade means and how small changes can be made in each of our lives to make a big impact.


Consider this box bag your next Easter Basket. Use your $5 this year to help free a woman from human trafficking and provide and Easter basket that is fair trade for your children, nieces, nephews, etc. Each bag has a fun paisley pattern with “freedom” written in the design and “mukti” (freedom in Bangla). Each bag is unique and has a sari lined interior.

Here is a story from one of the freed women of how you are making a difference through this purchase:

Vijaya shares her heart=
Its great that our bags are sold in [your] country.  We want more orders so buy our bags. I now follow a good path, I’m able to have my head held high and I’m able to meet others without being ashamed. I work hard and time passes quickly and I enjoy my work and am proud of my work. Without Freeset, I would be out on the street with little or no food.  No one would want me.
“Namaskar” (Bangla) – Hello!  I have freedom and I want more orders so that others can have freedom too.
Happy Easter to you!

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