If you watched Sienfeld, do you remember the “Spare a Square” episode? Elaine goes to the bathroom, there is no toiletpaper in her stall, and she asks the woman in the neighboring stall if she can spare a square (of toilet paper).

It is amazing how you suddenly can manage with one square of tp when that is all you have. When there is tp, tons of squares are used, extravagantly.

Then, when you go to wash your hands, the paper towels are out. Argh. But when there are plenty, 5, 6, 7, sheets are used.


That is the world I live in.

I have been pondering my abundance in recent days and how much I take for granted. I find I am not grateful when things work, or if I have plenty. I am not grateful to the Lord (or anyone, really) when things are in plenty. I sure gripe and complain and moan when things are not working, I need more tp, or just have a lack of…anything.

I was reminded this weekend of just how much I have to be grateful for: the believers in Cuba are suffering. Government jobs there are being cut by the thousands (and of course, everyone works for the government, because those are the only jobs avaialable) in the coming months. There is minimal money for hundreds of families. But, even if you have money, there is nothing to buy to feed your family.

For over a year now my attitude about laundry has been different. We have SO many clothes, when so many have 1 shirt…no socks. I grimace when I clean up after dinner at the food that is discarded, when so many would just ache for the little bit left on our plates.

I can’t solve these major issues. I can be a better steward of what I am given, adjust my attitude to one of gratitude, and teach my children the same. May I be found grateful for a bathroom to go in, much less for there to be tp and paper towels.

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