They will all arrive this week…swarm our church campus…and wrap ribbons of Hope around our hearts.

Global workers.

Some call them missionaries, some call them non-profit workers, some call them “ministry” organizers…all are tuned to the heart of God for the nations (either here in the US or around the world).

This week marks the annual missions conference in the life of our church home. I am really looking forward to it. Growing up overseas, as a product of what this very week represents, I have the opportunity to listen, encourage, and see life through their eyes.

What do their eyes see?

amazing poverty…and God’s provision

unfounded wealth for high-level business men and women…and a chance to tell them where real wealth lies.

women trapped in human trafficking…and how the Lord is changing these women, one precious heart at a time

homelessness in the US…and how the Body of Christ is coming through to minister to the least of these.

I am praying today that He will open my eyes-your eyes to see what others see, what He sees. That we would be overwhelmed by the work He is accomplishing through His children worldwide. I am also praying for protection for you, dear friend, because when you pray to see things through His eyes, the enemy notices as well.

Chime and let me know what you see or what He is showing you…

2 thoughts on “Through their eyes

  1. Annie,

    It’s a beautiful mosaic, and we’re quick to forget what we don’t see in front of us. Thanks for this, Kristi. Learning here that I need to establish rhythms in my life so that I can be one who, as you say, sees.

  2. Comment author Kristi,

    Thank YOU sweet girl! we are all learning, aren’t we? scratching out our faith, one step at a time. Love your beautiful heart!

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