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You are not a failure.

You may feel you are, whatever your circumstances are this Valentines Day.

Single. Single mom. Married. Small kids, big kids…or no kids at all.


are not a failure.

How do I know this? Because He has created you in the image of Him and HE is not a failure. He doesn’t make mistakes. You are not a mistake.

I leaned my head against the cabinet doors in the kitchen. It had been a long day, not to say anything of the long week. My son had been in trouble at Mothers Day Out for participating in a “show” of all the boys comparing their um….well….you know. (For posterity’s sake I want to say he did  not start it!) No one had taken a nap that day. And we were out of milk. again. Stops to the store with kids take so much energy. And in fine form, I had yelled at my kids. I had had a headache, day 5 of what would be almost ten days of migraines.

I felt like such a failure.

Laundry everywhere. Emails. Kids. Dinner. Friends. Prayer. The list kept running, like a ticker through my mind of what I was not. Of all I had not done, what was left to do, and how I just could not pull it all together.

Then He reminded me. Gently like a fresh breeze that gently blows by and kisses your face: “you are not a failure, my child.” My eyes pooled and I cried out to Him, answering back that I knew that in my heart, but my head just felt like it could not be true.

Two things my friend:

1. When Satan (because that is who it REALLY is trying to tell us these lies) creeps in and tries to tell you that you are a failure at _____ (you fill it in), you must believe not just with your heart, but with your head, that YES you are uniquely made for the Kingdom and for His glory. You have a purpose and mean so much to the Father and to so many around you. (Like me! You mean a lot to me!!)

2. Sometimes we just need to make a list of things we feel we are a failure at….and burn them. Throw them away. You may feel that way, but that is not truth. Yell it back at the sky, pray it, or whisper it with the last of the energy you have left, but take your successes and beautiful-ness BACK and know that it is truth. He promises that His plans are not to harm you, but to give you a hope and future (Jeremiah 29:11). If He promises that, then nothing is wasted. Not one tear, experience, laugh, or smile. He has a hope and a future for you…

whether single.


kids or no kids….

good health, bad health…

no matter the road you are walking…

He values YOU and knows you have a lot to succeed in. He is cheering for you, along with many others (like me!! I am cheering for you!!).

So soak up Him this Valentines Day. Whatever it is or isn’t for you…know He values you and loves you.

What greater gift could we have on this day of love?


4 thoughts on “The Value of YOU

  1. Dad,

    Wonderful truth. As your Mom reminds me, when I am assaulted by all these thoughts, I need to go back and tell myself the truth of the situation: [1] God is in control, [2] God loves me, [3] God has a plan for my life and nothing comes to me without the permission of God, [4] this does not mean that difficulties will not come, but that whatever comes, God can use it for my good and His glory.

  2. Comment author Kristi,

    John! Such an amazing word coming from such a gifted preacher yourself!! All glory to Him! Can’t wait to see you soon at Shades!!

  3. Comment author Kristi,

    Yes!! The TRUTH will set you free!! His truth and word does not return void and I am forever grateful for that truth and for you and mom. Love you 🙂

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