Over the years I have realized the influence and power we have as women to either make peace in families or continue rifts that have been there for years, is astounding. As women, God has made us unique in our abilities to be the “thermometer” within our family structure.

My grandmother is with Jesus now, but if she were here, she would sit my two-and-a-half year old daughter in her lap and tell her stories. Stories of her mama, stories of Jesus. She invested in us and did her best to make sure we knew she loved us unconditionally-all from thousands of miles away. I grew up overseas (my parents were missionaries) and yet my brother and I had the closest relationship with our grandparents. All due in part to the women in our family committing to having those relationships thrive.

I am not sure where you stand in your relationship with your mom, grandmother, or daughter….

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2 thoughts on “The Legacy You Leave Behind

  1. Ashley,

    After not speaking with my Mom for two weeks (an eternity in mother/daughter time) I decided to tell her what was on my heart this morning after reading this a couple of days ago. Girl, the LORD is speaking through you bigtime friend!!!!!! 🙂 LY!

  2. Comment author Kristi,

    Good for you! It is so hard to be honest to the ones we love. I believe with all my heart that He honors that and will bless your relationship all the more for it. So glad He is using my crazy life! ha! love you 🙂

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