I was pregnant.

{and terrified that everyone would tell me what to do and I would have no” say” in how to raise my children. At the time, having been married almost a decade, there were plenty of people in my life that wanted to inject “wisdom.” The stories alone during pregnancy were enough to make a woman feel futile. What if others criticized the way I changed a diaper? Clothed my child?}

But God.

She smiled broadly and wrapped her long, loving arms around me. Hugged me with a Spirit filled hug, leaned back, and laughed.

“Honey, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. When you aren’t sure, you remember one thing.” She gently yet intently pulled her glasses to the end of her nose. “You the mamma,” she said in her wise-soul way. “At the end of the day, you are the mamma God has appointed for that baby, and no one will love him like you will.”



Confidence to be the mamma I thought God had called me to be and not based on the expectations of others. I clung to those words like clothes stuck to the side of the washer when the load is done. The Lord used my sister in Christ to give this new mamma the confidence in myself and trust Him that He does equip us for all He allows. If He saw fit for me to have a child, He was confident that I could be an adequate mother. Not perfect, but enough to honor Him.

Now, over five years later, that same sister that serves as a modern day Titus 2 (woman) in my life, still encourages me and affirms my journey of faith as a mother and child of God. She leaves a legacy in my heart that forever shapes my personal view of motherhood in a Godly way.

I pray you have Titus 2 women in your life, that encourage and speak truth to you. I hope the Lord has provided others to leave a legacy of faith, pointing to Him through your journey. Should you find yourself Titus 2-less, ask the Lord to provide a mentor and friend that has walked your road a few steps ahead. We all need women in our lives that have been there-and survived. We need Godly counsel from the wizened sages of our day.

What are other blessings or benefits of having someone that is older pour into your life?

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One thought on “The Legacy Others Leave

  1. Misty Krasawski,

    What a great story! And what a wise woman! Bless you, girl. She was exactly, precisely right. God gave your babies to *you* because you’re the perfect mama for *them*! 🙂

    And thanks for the Titus2University shoutout! Having a blast and learning soooo much!

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