Why does fair trade matter? {to you}

Fair trade matters because it ensures people are cared for and esteemed with value. When items (phones, coffee, bracelets, baskets and more) are made under fair trade practices, there is protection for those that made it: healthy working standards, sensible working hours and environment, fair wage, and no slave or child labor.

Fair trade helps to break the cycle of poverty and end slave labor or human trafficking. When people are valued and seen as people, not items, the cycle of exploitation begins to end. Without fair trade there is no accountability to safeguard the lives of those working to feed, clothe and protect their families.

Our global economy does not really allow for the complete erradication of slave labor with healthy fair trade practices.  Our demand for cheap, fast products means the supply becomes of utmost importance, compromising fair trade practices and hindering the chances of it succeeding.

So what do we do? We (typically) are not in a position to exclusively buy fair trade. But we are in a position begin thinking about how we buy. Begin looking at tags in garments. Labeling on toys. Country of origin on jewelry.

I would challenge you this year to replace one gift from a fair trade company instead of somewhere else.

Not all your gifts.

Not all your clothes.

Not all items.

Just one.

One item this year that helps free a woman from human trafficking, provide support for a widow or young mother, ensure work environments are healthy, and fair wage is paid.

You can make a difference. Fair trade matters and you can change the global economy of supply and demand fairly.

Who will you buy a fair trade item for this year?

6 thoughts on “Fair Trade Friday {Why Fair Trade Matters}

  1. Kamille@ Redeeming the Table,

    YES Kristi!!! I just wrote today about justice at the table. I’ve been thinking about this same concept in the past week (well more than that) in making choices that we have control over in regards to bringing about justice, mercy, & humility to this world.

  2. Alia Joy,

    I agree that we should raise awareness about these issues. I have learned a lot about unfair labor practices and human trafficking and it can lead to feeling overwhelmed. I think people often feel they want to help but don’t know where to start. Many people are struggling financially in this economy and the thought of seeking out all new products can lead to people just choosing to ignore it all. I love that you don’t overburden people with guilt or shame but instead give an awesome starting point. One thing now and then go from there. Small steps can have a big impact and I’m so glad you mentioned that.

  3. Comment author Kristi,

    Yes! So glad it has been on your heart too. We really are kindred spirits!! 🙂 You feeling ok these days? Been praying for you!

  4. Comment author Kristi,

    Thanks for stopping by Alia! I am a big believer in small steps. I agree that there is so much that can overwhelm, it can lead to a paralysis. Thanks for your kind words and stopping by!!

  5. Kristy,

    This is a very clear and well written article of the value of Fair Trade. Thank you! I’m linking to you in my post Friday in honor of 2012 World Fair Trade Day.
    Very happy to have found your site and learn more.

  6. Comment author Kristi,

    Wow! Thanks!! So important!! I appreciate the link up and your passion for fair trade. Looking forward to your blog!

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