I’m so honored to have a guest post by Michelle, who has a background in fair trade.
The post is late on my account-my apologies!! I was traveling and didn’t have my ducks in a row 🙂

Please welcome Michelle…

I started volunteering for Word Made Flesh when I was in college. I heard Chris Heuertz, the International Director, speak at a conference and had fallen in love with this non-profit. WMF was filled with stories of redemption, love and beauty that only God could write. I knew I wanted to be part of it, which was why I started to volunteer and eventually came on staff in the administrative department doing some accounting.

I loved the WMF community but accounting wasn’t my thing. Every week I would go through the mail, organize the incoming donations, enter them into QuickBooks, put the money into the bank, and repeat. I wasn’t playing with kids who lived on the street. I wasn’t talking with women and girls forced into the sex industry. I was struggling to see how my actions were impacting the Kingdom of God.

The reality is that although I was just sitting at a desk typing on a computer, every donation I handled allowed a member of our community to experience Jesus with the poorest of the poor. My decision to work at WMF was allowing a woman to leave the sex industry and work at Sari Bari. My decision was allowing a child to feel loved and safe. I’m not saying that because I was the only one who could ever do that role, but that my decision was not an insignificant one.

I think when it comes down to it, every decision we make affects someone else. My decision to work at WMF helped allow my community to live amongst the poorest of the poor and love on those who are often looked past. Our decision to buy fair trade products has the same impact. It can provide a job for a woman so she is no longer forced to work in the sex industry. It provides clean and safe working conditions. It provides opportunities, freedom and allows someone to be loved.

Are there things you feel you are doing that are insignificant, that really are Kingdom Impacting?

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