There it was again.

I had heard clearly from the Lord regarding several things in my life over the last year and that story kept returning.


As I read the story of Sarai and Hagar again, something different struck inside my heart. God had promised Abram and He would deliver. But Sarai had chosen not to wait for the fulfillment of this promise. God had promised me some amazing things. While I thought they were to happen soon (just like Sarai did), God is choosing to wait.

Are you waiting? Waiting for Him to fulfill that promise?

Perhaps like the disciples, you heard a promise. They heard the Lord say He would return one day, but they thought that meant in their lifetime. Sweet friend, I do not know what you have been promised, or what you are waiting for. Simeon waited a lifetime to see the face of Jesus as it had been promised to Him. I pray you and I do not have to wait that long, or even as long as Sarai.

The thing that struck me was this: what if I chose to rest in the promise that He would do what He said He would do, instead of being so anxious about the actual fulfillment of the promise? Instead of praying and asking God to make it happen (now), change my heart, or remind me again that He was in control….what if I chose to rest? Rest in the knowledge that He would have a season for the fulfillment of that promise and that I need to focus on what He has entrusted me with now, instead of mulling over what isn’t yet.

Obedience is doing what God asks. It is also waiting on the Lord do what He asks and has promised and not “helping” God out. The hard part in waiting is not confusing it with procrastination (on your part) or lining things up your way to make it happen (helping God out).

What has He asked you to do? Are you waiting on Him? Are you resting or racing, trying to push things to happen?


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6 thoughts on “Choosing

  1. Lindsey van Niekerk,

    Such a good word. Such a great challenge.

    Holley Gerth’s recent post, which I just read today, was also on obedience….so I am definitely feeling a theme from the Lord, especially as you connected it to waiting, in which my life is full of that lately.

    You have given me much to think about.
    Thanks, friend!

  2. Dad,

    “but those who hope in the LORD
    will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint. ” Is. 40:31

  3. Ashley,

    What a good word!!! What I needed to hear in this phase of my life…waiting on so many things. The LORD truly knew I needed to read this today. YOU are a blessing to so many!

  4. Comment author Kristi,

    It is SO hard to wait! Whether it is big or small things, the “wait” is just as hard and sometimes painful. Praying He will give you the comfort and peace that only He can bring you in this season. Know you are in my prayers and are being lifted up. LY sweet girl!

  5. Comment author Kristi,

    Thank you! that HOPE does help us to have renewed strength. Even if it is just for today. Love you Dad!

  6. Comment author Kristi,

    Thanks sweet friend!! All glory to Him! It is HIS Season and even though I would prefer drive through window to drive through town, I know in the end my obedience will benefit me, my family, my friends, and ultimately, the Kingdom for His glory. Praying for you during your waiting 🙂 LY!!

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