The back door has not been opened in four days.

In any other house, this might be normal, but not in ours. Our back door was opened 10+ times a day (or more!) to let our black wiener dog, Indy out.

Thursday we dropped Indy off at the vet, he was having trouble peeing, so we thought he had a kidney stone. But suddenly, our little family life changed that day and we are adjusting to a new normal. Unbeknownst to any of us, he had prostate cancer. It had metastisized into a baseball size mass. There was nothing that could be done.

We were in the middle of our church’s missions conference, which my husband is largely involved in, and found we had to put our ten year old dog to sleep. Almost as many years as we’d been married, we’d had a friend journey with us.

The clock ticks softly as it should, a familiar sound in our house. I find myself lonely, feeling things so unfamiliar, like sitting in a chair alone. Vacuuming gold fish off the floor with a real vacuum instead of the black furry kind that has faithfully vacuumed for us! It is a sudden thing that has left our family finding a new normal and searching for the right ‘kid friendly’ words to explain that he is not coming back.

What has been rich about this experience are the friends that have been so caring and kind, so empathic…all for a dog. Truly, we are surrounded by a treasure trove of God’s people that care when it matters to you, even if it wouldn’t ordinarily matter to them.

I pray that should you find yourself suddenly in a circumstance that has taken you by surprise, that He will surround you too, with the richness and fellowship that the Body of Christ can bring.

5 thoughts on “And Suddenly

  1. Sheri,

    So sorry Kristi……those furry friends become a part of our families….I still miss our first Springer, Coach :(. I am praying for you.

  2. Ann,

    Just reading this brings back the “suddenly” day I experienced when I was a child. Praying for the new normal to be one that becomes good very quickly, my friend.

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