You are worth more than rubies.

You are priceless.

I saw that smirk. Priceless? Right. But YOU ARE. The Lord, the God who made you, formed you Himself, has a plan for you-not to harm you, but to prosper you-believes YOU to be priceless.

I learned an invaluable lesson about my value and where it comes from during the last days of 2011. I began to see and understand better that the Lord values me and has valued His children over generations.

How so?

Most of the women in the Bible have stories connected to how God lifted them up and affirmed their value. There are women in the Bible in which this is not their story (Jezebel), but so many of them have amazing stories of how God lifted them up and affirmed that they were valued by Him.

Esther became a queen and by worldly standards was valued through title, position, and wealth. But God lifted her up and affirmed her value to Him through the rescuing of His people. God affirmed a widow who otherwise would be poor and destitute, by providing oil and flour to her during a time of drought. He valued her-an older widow-when most would have regarded her as a waste of time (and energy). Ruth was a foreigner and a daughter in law, yet God affirmed her by not only providing her with a husband, but one that was “over and above” what any widow her age could dream of. Jesus turned, in the midst of hundreds that pressed in around him, to speak to the woman (that had bled for years) that touched the edge of His cloak. Outcast and probably seen as a burden to her family, He acknowledged her and healed her, lifting her up in the eyes of those that surrounded you.

These may seem far-fetched to where you are today. You may feel like no one values you. Perhaps your parents had a rough go of it, or your dad was busy, or your mom just never had a good example of what a loving mother was. I am not sure what your story is.

My story from the last days and hours of 2011 was eye opening and full of freedom in realization. There was a relationship that had friction, misunderstanding, and what I thought was insecurity. For years I believed the sole source of the sore spot in my heart and soul was their insecurity. The source really was my feeling devalued by words, actions, and expressions. I had prayed and prayed that over the holidays, the Lord would open my eyes and help me to see how to mend things.

He did.

More of the story tomorrow…

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  1. Comment author Kristi,

    I know!! sorry 🙁
    Part two is posted!! Thank you sweet friend for your kind words. All glory to Him.

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