There was only one Moses. One Paul. One Esther. One Ruth.

There is only one YOU.

God uniquely creates each of us for His glory to bring and draw others to Him. We are studying Exodus in our small group and I have been struck by how each person the Lord used, had had specific experiences to prepare and equip them for what God had called them to do. Moses had high level leadership training and education, growing up in Pharoah’s house, followed by forty years of desert living. All in preparation to lead an entire nation through a desert.

This is the crux though: none of it would have happened exactly like it did had Moses not obeyed.

God will fulfill His will regardless, but the stories we read and will pass down to our kids have been and will continue to be, because Moses (Esther, Ruth, and more) obeyed. I have had several lessons about obedience lately and believe that Moses is a great example of why it is important to obey. God had allowed many circumstances to bless and befall him. He would not have been ready to lead the nation of Israel through the desert without them.

God has amazing plans for you, that while painful right now, this minute, mean He is preparing you for something great.

The Bible is transparent about Moses’ hesitation and even heavy ‘discussion’ with the Lord about his abilities. Yet he still obeyed. What is He calling you to that you are discussing with Him right now? What in this minute is so painful that He could use for His glory in preparation for something great? Staring obedience in the face is a hard thing, when it strips you of all you hold dear.

What is He calling you to? Will you choose obedience?

2 thoughts on “There is only one YOU

  1. Mary,

    WOW! Thank you Kristi…this is so true. We are uniquely and wonderfully made for HIS glory. Thanks for the reminder.

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