It comes on….softly at first. Then beats the doors of my heart down every time. These words from “Love Come to Life” from Big Daddy Weave:

I’ve been restless on the inside
wondering about this heart of mine
I’ve been desperately trying to find
a way to prove that I’m still alive
Has the love I speak so loudly of
quietly grown cold

I can’t get the bold part above out of my head, even days after I hear the song.

It haunts me.

Have I let that love for Him grow cold? Has it chilled so slowly, like a pot removed from heat, that I didn’t even notice the chill? I know I do not emulate Him every second of the day (especially after asking my kids to put their socks on for the 46th time!). But, are the minutes I do reflect Him more than the minutes I do not? I pray so.

Why don’t you break my heart ’til it moves my hands and feet
For the hopeless and the broken
for the ones that don’t know that you love them
Bring your love to life inside of me

I am not sure where you are, what things you have endured even today. Many in our city are rebuilding their lives, yet again, after more tornadoes. Perhaps you are losing everything or crying out to Him for healing. Or you know where He has called you to do something, and are walking in obedience. I would encourage you that it is not the amount of minutes that we spend honoring Him or trying to. He is not a counter of those things. He IS a counter of YOU. The hairs on your head, your needs, and the desires of your heart.

I pray you see His love inside your heart and that you see His life reflected in your own. I see Him in you. I pray you see Him in me.

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