It may overwhelm you.

It may be too much to think about.

It may not be your thing.

And that is ok.

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. More people are traded, tricked, and trafficking as slaves today than any other time in history. If you are not sure about the mind-blowing stats, check them out here.

How can I make a difference? I am not an abolishonist.  I am a mom. I am a college student. I am in high school.

There is a way. Freeset helps to free women from human trafficking in the largest red light district in Calcutta, India. Need a spring bag? The purchase of a bag helps free women, provide income with dignity, retirement, daycare, insurance, medical needs, and more. You may not be able to go to India and sit in freedom with women, but you CAN purchase a bag and help free women, right from your home.

Does your women’s ministry need bags for an event? Your church? Or your job? Customize your Freeset bag for YOU and  the event needed and help free even more women.

I am starting small, but I am committed to begin ending human trafficking today.

How will you help?


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