Her eyes are huge and vivid. Already, at two she seeks to make sure others are ok. Protects like a ferocious bear when someone in her family is hurting. She saunters through a room, smiles, and giggles.

She and her four-year-old brother make our lives vivid. They enrich our understanding God. They challenge the discipline in even own lives. They have come along and painted vivid pictures in our house (sometimes on our house!) and in our lives.

As their father travels, telling others of The Father, the stories are not of daily things he wants to know…but of the antics that light up our lives and hilarious comments at the dinner table. “Church planters are not like plants, they are people that help grow churches. No real dirt is involved, you know…” the brother reports at dinner.

Our days and years are filled with vivid memories. Vivacious laughter. Sometimes sad cries. But mostly rich life. Thank you, Jesus.


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