I heard it this week from 42,000 students at Passion2012 to end human trafficking. I watched online, I listened in stolen quiet moments. The roar of change. The roar that says “we won’t allow this anymore.”

They all-42,000 of them-walked silently to the stories-high hand made of slave labor clothing, clutching their candles in 40 degree weather. The silence was roaring.

Dd the heavens roar too? The beginning of the end of injustice? My heart leaps that YES, the heavens did roar in applause for a generation that gets it. That sees we can make a change. 27 million people enslaved-too many.

My heart roared with pride this week. My soul rejoiced at the freedom that would result of the funds and education about human trafficking that resulted from Passion2012’s emphasis.


Join Lisa-Jo and others for Five Minute Friday. (I’m late, sorry!!)

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (late): Roar

  1. Lindsey van Niekerk,

    I felt amazed, challenged, thrilled, humbled by the new of the over 3 million that Passion college students raised to help end human trafficking.

    I love how you connected that here….because I don’t know if you remember the song they put out like maybe 10+ years ago.

    “Oh can you hear it? It’s the song of the redeemed. The pursuit of passion for the One who set us free. Oh can you hear it? We’re crying out for more. Listen to our song, it’s turning…into a Holy Roar!”


    Thank you.

  2. Comment author Kristi,

    I DO remember and had been singing that song! Love that song! Love you even more, sweet girl. YOU inspire me :). Kindred spirits.

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