Do you remember the emotion you felt when you saw Sound of Music and Julie Andrews joins the children singing at the end, running to meet them after hiding away at the Convent?

Your heart swells and your throat c hokes because you know she has come “home.” Home to those that love her and those she loves. And she has come back.

I moved locations every four years (or less) of my life. My mom moved more than that as a girl. We have been in our house over 5 years now and it is feeling like home. I find myself oddly wanting to move (just to get rid of things!!) and wanting to stay, because it is so home-y.

My family is coming for Christmas this year and I find my heart welling with that same emotion that I had watching Sound of Music, hearing the children singing sadly, only to hear Julie’s voice join them in the background. ¬†Growing up overseas my family was all we had. We had “aunts and uncles” that were other expats and they were our extended family. I am blessed with an amazing family who love and accept me as He created me. It is joyous when we can be together.

We never had Silver White Winters, living in the tropics, but we had a lot of music and a lot of laughter. And to be real, there were fights and tears, etc. all because we are human. But my recollection of my childhood is warm, happy, and filled with laughter.

I hope this Christmas, someone you love-and someone that loves you unconditionally-is stepping through your door. I pray it blesses you. I pray it enriches and nourishes you in a way it has not in years.

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