Here’s the recap of the 12 Days of Freedom with Freeset Freedom Tour

YOU can make a difference. The more bags that are sold, the more women are able to be freed. Have an event? party? or conference coming up? Consider Freeset bags for gifts of FREEDOM to your friends and family.




Over the last twelve days, we have joined amazing bloggers and “toured” their blog “homes.” Each day featured a story of one Freeset woman who is now free and a bag that they make.

Freeset is located in Calcutta, India, helping to free women from human trafficking by providing them employment with dignity by sewing bags.

Every woman is provided medical insurance, retirement, daycare for their children, classes to learn how to read and write, and three times the wage they would receive “in line.” Join us every day December 1-12 in Freeset’s Freedom Tour of 12 Days of Freedom with Freeset and become a part of the freedom story. Watch our video, shop our bags, change lives.

Dec 1 Mary at

Dec 2 Denise at

Dec 3 Mitzi at

Dec 4 Katey at

Dec 5 Kris at

Dec 6 Kim at be the

Dec 7 Jenni at

Dec 8 Freedom and Fashion at their blog/fashion site

Dec 9 Teri Lynne at

Dec 10 Eryn at

Dec 11 Chris at

Dec 12 Carey at

Make a difference this Christmas and get to know some amazing bloggers at the same time!


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