On the ninth day of Christmas the Freedom Tour showed me:

NINE Cluster Bags

 and an amazing story…

Join us for Day 9 of Freeset’s Freedom Tour at Teri Lynne’s for a feature a story of one Freeset woman who is now free from human trafficking and how you can be a part of freedom today.

**Prayer needed for His Light to break through today at Freeset:

Sara from printing drank poison a couple of days ago and did not survive.  A young mom with a lovely son and husband.  Appears to have started from an argument with her husband.
Sunny’s husband has just died – leaving a very young widow and her son with no husband and dad.
Suya; At 15 has become a ward of the state and is being put in a high security facility.   She’s a very messed up liitle girl crying out to be loved.

Please remember these girls in prayer and those that minister to them.  Pray that His light will shine through, that He would be glorified through all of these circumstances.

Freeset is located in Calcutta, India, helping to free women from human trafficking by providing them employment with dignity by sewing fair trade bags and providing Hope for the future of women. The Hope we can provide tangibly here, is by buying bags. The more bags that are sold here, the more women are able to be freed in Calcutta from human trafficking.

Don’t miss a single day of stories of women that have been freed from human trafficking, pictures, and amazing bags that they make. Make a difference this Christmas and get to know some amazing bloggers at the same time!

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