I have felt connected this year.

To the Lord.

To my kids.

To my husband.

To friends, old and new.

I have left some friends (moved jobs, new seasons in our lives) and gained new ones this year that have blessed me more than I know how to tell them. They have pointed me to Christ, connected me to Him even more, and led me to the Cross for His glory.

I have been connected to God, but today, in this season, I feel His pleasure. I felt like Chariots of Fire for months, then Tsh showed a clip from the movie at Relevant and I wept. I knew, I mean, really KNEW that connection.

I have connected with the Lord and His children, godly women. I have been connected more to God in my parenting, released from fears of generations past, and (prayerfully) moving on for Ns glory.

I pray connection for you this new year. This Christmas. Now. With family. Friends. Neighbors. Room moms, even the register lady at the store. Mercy she needs a connection, doesn’t she?

I look at the threads that make all the connections this year in my little tapestry and I smile. For who am I to be so blessed? Thank you Lord.

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6 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Brianna,

    Hi. I found you here through Lisa-Jo’s blog. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts about connection. With God. With people. It’s good stuff. 🙂

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