I realized a few weeks ago I had been listening to Satan.

It wasn’t something that happened overnight. It never is. He creeps in, slowly, surely. Quietly.

We have been thinking/praying about a third child and looking at what that would look like for our little family. For 18 months or so though, I have listened to a lie.

That I couldn’t handle another one.

Small things would happen and I would hear that voice “you think you want another?” Months go by. Then I would respond the wrong way to my children and the voice would move from a whisper to a voice “and you think another one would be easier? that that would be wise?” More months went by and I still was not the perfect parent* and a friend said to me “are you sure you want another? Is that the best thing.” So many voices.

None of them the Lord’s.

I realized like a slap in the face, a splash of cold water, through a gentle word, that NO, that is not what the Lord says to us moms (*that we are incapable of handling anything else or that we are not perfect parents, or perfect anything, really. We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, praise the Lord!). Girls, (and boys) if it is not the Lord speaking to you, there is only one other option: Satan.

A soft voice, of affirmation, spoke truth to me that day. “You are capable of what He gives you. You are capable of what He takes away. He makes you capable, no one else.”

So, I am not sure what the future holds regarding a third child. But one thing is for sure.

I am not listening to Satan anymore.

The decision is no longer based on my capabilities, but on His gits and His will, and His capability to equip me/us for whatever He holds.

6 thoughts on “On listening to Satan

  1. Misty,

    So true.. Satan creeps in and undermines us. I have been there time and time again, so often you think I would know better. I join you in saying I will not listen to Satan anymore so glad to be in God’s hands.

  2. Steph,

    Hey Kristi!

    First of all, GREAT GREAT post! Satan is sneaky and he is nasty and he is a liar and I LOVE HOW YOU ENDED YOUR POST!! That it isn’t about our inability but all about God’s ability! Praise Jesus!!

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog and we got to meet. 😉 Would love to connect more! Hope your having a great night!! — Steph

  3. Lindsey van Niekerk,

    This is so good, friend! How often I have felt/heard the screaming of his voice in my ears, sounding like my own or coming as seemingly “good” advice. I appreciate this reminder as well as the knowledge that we all deal with his lies. It gives me more courage to fight when I remember that I am not alone.

  4. Comment author Kristi,

    Sweet friend…sister…you are NOT alone. He is of course, always with you, but there are many of us, cheering right beside you. You are so loved by the King AND by me 🙂

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