We parked and were walking down to the school playground. The road is rocky and I ask my 2 year old daughter if she wants to hold my hand. Twice.

She shakes her head no. Then ardently replies “No, mommy.”

After a couple stumbles, she reaches out, grabs my hand, then confidently walks to the playground with me.


With her hand tight in mine, I was reminded how many times I tell the Lord “no.” I don’t think I need His hand. I don’t think I need His help. I may stumble, but I haven’t fallen and certainly am not flailing.

So say I.

Just as I noticed how much more confidently my daughter walked when we were hand in hand. How much more does do we walk confidently when we hold His hands? Trust Him? Obey Him? Follow Him.

The thing is….she was going the right way, where we needed to go. She just wanted to do it on her own. I can be obeying, heading in the direction He leads…but am I walking with Him, in confidence?

So, today I am working on holding His hand on this journey.

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