{the kids playing with sleep sacks}

I rarely do posts just on what my kids say. Mostly because if you are normal (and not my family), it would likely bore you :). I do frequently post what they say or do and what it is teaching me.


Today’s backseat conversation had me teary-eyed, laughing, and amazed at how much kids really comprehend.

The scene: driving home from mother’s day out with my 4yo son and 2yo daughter.

2yo: Jesus loves me, mommy. {I smile with pride and joy!}
Me: He does sweetheart, so much.
2yo: I want to give Jesus a kiss. {pause.} I want to give Jesus a hug. {my eyes become misty and a scene with her and Jesus flash through my head.}
4yo: you can’t do that unless you are in Heaven (!). {scene ends abruptly and I try not to snicker out loud at the ‘I have that answer’ tone coming from the backseat.}
Me: Jesus is always with us and loves to know you want to give Him and kiss and a hug. He loves children! {whew!}
4yo: how do you know He loves children? {what? Am I seriously failing that badly as a parent?}
Me: it says in the Bible He loves children and He says ‘Let the little children come to me.”
2yo: I love you mommy.
Me: I love you too, honey. I love both of you very much.
4yo: can we play before naptime today? {that teachable moment just flew by….wow. Just like their little lives are, right in front of me…..}

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