Everything changed for me, a year ago this week.

Our family life was chaotic, I think we all felt like we were in the dryer, being tossed around, and things were heating up. I knew God was calling me to make some major changes, in a lot of places in my heart and life.

I went to Catalyst (East) in Atlanta last year this week and it changed everything for me. Some highlights were: Andy Stanley, amazing worship, Christine Caine, Beth Moore, Craig Groeshel, prayer time, and did I mention worship? A rich time of just focusing on what the Lord was saying through megaphones of God.

So what has changed in the last year, you might ask?

The biggest change: I quit working full time in June, leaving a job and place I had vested almost ten years in. I work less than 20 hours a week now, allowing us some added income. I am at home with these cuties lots more.

I am still involved in a passion that is only from the Lord: freedom from women from human trafficking through helping out Freeset.


The small things (that I realize through these months are big things) that have changed:
Finishing laundry (instead of it living in the washer/dryer)
Laughing with my kids daily
Having time for daily devotions
Rich personal worship time
Time to invest in other people and new friends
Cooking dinner regularly
Eating healthier (myself)
Less stress. MUCH less stress.
Doing things I love. again. after a long time of not doing them.

and much more.

Many of you have asked about how things are, how I am adjusting to my new life. My reply: GREAT. I have loved it! Life is like that when you are in the center of His will. It has been some time since I have felt God’s pleasure like I do now. I make mistakes every day. I win the worst mother award at least once a week (or more!). And I have failed a LOT of new recipes lately. I am learning more every day who I am. And who I am not. Some on that later.

But I know this is where He wants me.

and for today….that is enough.

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