The Relevant Conference: Blessing my Family, Engaging the World

I am headed to Relevant in a couple weeks and am super excited. Why? I will learn more about blogging, make new friends, worship, pray with new friends, and come back changed.

I will also room with some new friends Jess, Kamille (and an old friend Mitzi . Here is my top ten list for what my roomies should know about me:

1. I am a huge extrovert. I love people. 🙂
2. My two littles (4 yo son and 2 yo daughter) are hilarious and keep us laughing (most days!). We usually have a “quote” a day from one of them. (Today’s: “Mom! I’ve been looking for this (toy) for 20 years!!” from my 4 yo.)
3. I sleep with a small pillow. When I got married, I had to give up my Puffalump and exchange it for a small pillow.
4. Fighting against human trafficking is a passion of mine. I help out Freeset to help free women from human trafficking.
5. I am struggling now to think of other witty things that are interesting about me. Maybe I am not that interesting after all.
6. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books/movies. I love regency period novels.
7. I grew up in Central America and am bilingual.
8. I met my husband in Kazakhstan and when he returned home and told his mom he’d met a girl he wanted to marry, she thought he’d fallen for a Russian girl and I was a mail order bride.
9. Coffee or tea? Both. Coffee: I’m a high maintenance coffee drinker: half milk, half coffee with peppermint mocha creamer. One cup in the morning. Tea: South African Roobios tea is a favorite before bed (caffeine free) and I will probably bring my own (and will share!).
10. I am allergic to yeast so cannot have bread, pizza, rolls, etc. Biscuits usually are made with baking soda and I cannot turn one down if it is offered to me-with honey :).

Are headed somewhere this fall where your roomies need to know you? Or have a fun fact that I don’t know about you? Would love to hear it!

Are you heading to Relevant this month? Write your own 10 Things My Relevant Roomies Should Know and link up with Brooke and Erin so we can all get to know each other a little better before the big event!

6 thoughts on “10 things my Relevant11 roomies need to know

  1. Kamille@ Redeeming the Table,

    Kristi–I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile in person. And I’m also very excited to have a roommate with a Southern accent:) I LOVE Pride & Prejudice too. Mainly the 6 hour long BBC film. I’ve watched it way too many times to count. I’m looking forward to hearing your heart as well.


  2. Comment author Kristi,

    We’ll have cornbread or something else together then, won’t we? See you soon!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jessica,

    So…I really thought I left a comment here already. Opps.

    But so looking forward to meeting you…eating peanut butter & chocolate, hearing about Freeset, and P&P! We just might be soul sisters. 🙂

  4. Comment author Kristi,

    YES we just might be!! Can’t wait to meet you too!! Praying for safe travels for you, sweet friend!

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