I recently read a great post on being unmasked/transparent and have thought a lot about this.

I saw The Help (also read the book last year) and it has stunned me into days of processing all over again. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, it is a well written account of four women in the 60’s in Mississippi.

While I still can’t reconcile the treatment of African Americans during that time, or even today, what has kept me up at night is something that is real in my world now. Thank goodness I can’t relate to separate bathrooms, sectioned-off areas at the movies, or worse (which by the way, there was a group of African American ladies in front of us, to which I wept for in embarrassment and horror while we all watched). I can relate to the blackball attitude that some of the white women spewed out at their own peers.

She stood outside the window, looking at all the women playing cards inside, looking at her. Only they are behind couches and under tables looking at her, tapping the window to let her in. An influential girl told them all to ‘hide’ when they realized who was outside. The girl tapping the window, with a pie in hand, had married the influential girl’s old boyfriend. Yep. Blackballed. (from The Help)

My heart wrenched inside as I thought about how categorically I had done that very thing over my lifetime-either hid under table supporting that kind of behavior, or lead in such misery myself.

She blinked. Then she turned, starting to cry, and left to go home. (from The Help)

Did anyone see her cry? Did no one go to her and tell her they’d be her friend? Who of us has not wanted friends? We are made for community, made for friendships. My heart broke at that moment as scenes scrolled like pages in a book through my mind of heartless times I had done the same thing. Turned my head…walked away…simply because it wasn’t convenient or popular to choose love and extend friendship.

Lord, help me to see others as You see them. See beyond what others see, beyond insecurity. Give me your eyes.

Unmasked post source: http://joyinthisjourney.com/2011/09/life-unmasked-a-new-writing-project-and-more-every-day-gifts/

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