“I just don’t listen to worship music – or any music really – anymore. I am out of the loop with artists these days!” This from a friend who serves in South East Asia.

I stood aghast.

The conditions of poverty that surround them where they live, the depravity of man that faces them head on every day, the heat, lack of water….the list goes on. “How do they survive without listening to worship music in that kind of challenging environment?”

It was then that I realized something about myself: one of the strongest ways I commune with God is through worship. My attitude and spirit are noticeably different if I do not have that time to talk to the Lord, worship Him, sing His praises, or cry out to Him in song. It is like balm to my soul when there is extended worship time. Times when I have heard from the Lord most clearly have been during worship.

A little self-learning that has helped me be a better steward of my down time and car time 🙂

What are you learning about yourself? How do you commune with God?

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