My heart is burdened.

Friends walking hard roads with newborn babies. Family issues that don’t have easy answers. Friends hurting from the wounds of others. Families with children that have cancer. Mothers with cancer, who have young children. A room full of women, carrying their story of a loss of a child, just wanting to be heard.

I often feel like when I get to heaven, the Lord will be there, waiting to just wrap me into His arms and let the years of pain and suffering be erased by His presence. I want to collapse in His arms and just inhale the scent of who He is.

The fragrance of grace.

How does one respond to the suffering of others? I certainly don’t have all the answers-if any. Based on people in the Bible, I think prayer and presence are ways to minister and encouraging.

-Three men stood in a fiery furnace, thrown in simply because they obeyed the Law and worshiped and prayed to the One true God. They did not walk through the fire alone. A fourth figure appeared, assurance that His presence was with them.

-Even as Peter denied Christ, He was there, His presence a reminder that He was the way, the Truth, the Life. -Jesus came to Martha when Lazarus died, prayed and Lazarus rose from the dead.

-Jesus’ mom, Mary sat at the foot of the cross, bringing her presence to the saddest day on earth.

I want to be that encouragement, that presence, and the fragrance of grace for those that are hurting. Those that just need someone wrap their arms around them and be the fragrance of Christ, until we get to Heaven and walk into His arms.


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