I am headed to a big dance this week {figuratively speaking}.

And I am nervous.

What do I wear? Will my hair cooperate in the 100+ degree weather? Will things go smoothly? Will I get there on time? Will someone like me?

I never went to prom. {gasp!}

(yes, I fully recognize that this one sentence will have more responses to it than the reason I wrote the post to begin with) 🙂

I did go to Homecoming my senior year, primarily because I was dating the drum major and he had to go. At my high school in west Texas, there were ”mums” involved with homecoming. The bigger mum you had, the gaudier it was, the better.


I’m talking about huge cardboard circles with flowers, hot glue, and tons of adornments, accessories, and ribbons. Long ribbons trailing from the mum, with bells and other things that made it jingle and such when you walked.

You couldn’t fit in your desk at school, if yours was too big.

My mum that senior year was modest, for which I was thankful. I don’t remember much about homecoming, honestly. I wasn’t there very long because it just seemed like everyone was already buzzed and not themselves.

Thinking and praying about the ‘dance’ I’m attending this week made me ponder: what is my ‘mum’ now/today? Well behaved kids? Size 8 pants? (Mercy, I just can’t lose that last ten pounds), the house that everyone loves? Clothes? Friends? Acceptance?

Because in the end, we grow up, but never really outgrow the need to be accepted and the desire to out-do.

There are moments of lucid perspective when I see how bloated my life has become-I can’t sit in my own desk anymore for all things surrounding me. I still want to fit in, still want to be accepted.

Do you?

I’d like to think that in my growing up and growing into Him and who He wants me to be, that my confidence comes from THE provider of all things, Jehovah Jireh. That who I am in Him is all that matters. That my focus is on loving others as He would, instead of wondering if they will love me in return. But the pestering questions pepper my head and I see that I still have work to do, seeing my value through His eyes and not the eyes of others. What do I hide behind hoping others will see instead of the me He has created me to be?

So today, I’m praying that He’ll affirm the value He placed on me and you in a real way. Because you ARE valuable-worth more than silver or gold-to the One who created you. For His glory.

2 thoughts on “Mums, going to the prom, and such

  1. Cari Rountree,

    Hahaha!! I haven’t thought about mums and Prom in YEARS! Some of the mums were bigger than the girls wearing them 🙂

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