She’d just clipped the corner of the coffee table and had slowed down long enough to find me.

What she didn’t know, was that I had seen the whole thing. Seen the chase, the excitement, the scrape against the table.

I hug her and in the best way a two year old knows how, she told me her story. ‘He chasin’, I fall, table bit me, mommy.’ I hug her tight, asking if she’s ok.

It dawns on me that despite the fact I saw it all and know what happened, she still wants to tell me in detail what happened and how she was hurt.

I am like this with Jesus.

He saw it all, but I still find myself wanting to tell Him the whole story, how it happened, and how I was hurt. His Word says to ‘cast our cares on Him.’ I hope that be listening and providing a chance for my kids to cast their cares and tell their story to me, ultimately teaches them to the do the same to the Father. I hope through my example that they will know He is the ultimate Healer-of scrapes, but also the heart-Provider of all things, meeting our needs before we are even aware of them.

I see in her desperation to tell her story my own determination to be heard, to tell my story.

What is the story you are telling?

8 thoughts on “Your story

  1. Ann,

    Beautiful. I’ve been thinking lately how God wants us to share like that with Him, but not thinking much about the fact that I desire to share, too. I needed that flipped perspective. Love you, my friend!


  2. Jennifer,

    I love the connection you made! I am into people’s stories as well as helping people to tell their stories. Sometimes all we want out of life is to be heard, but no one is listening. That is, no one but God. I think people don’t realize that sometimes. They feel all alone and think they have no one to share their story with. Thanks for this reminder that God is always there to listen.

  3. Hope Wilbanks,

    Oh, I love this!! My first thought was, I wonder how often we try to hide our story from Jesus, when He already knows anyway. We can’t hide from Him. But He loves us anyway. This is a great post! Thanks so much for sharing from your heart!

  4. Comment author Kristi Griem,

    Thanks Jennifer! Yes, I’m finding that too in this stage of life. We do all want to be heard-especially by people that love us. Thanks for stopping by!

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