about laundry.

a friend that recently returned from some time in North Africa was rejoicing this week over how fun laundry was. After she quit laughing at my twisted face, thinking of those two words together ‘laundry’ and ‘rejoicing’ she explained:

Where she lives (with her husband and two year old) they have a washing machine. It is small capacity (think round orange igloo water cooler size). They line dry all their clothes. If it rains….well…they are re-washed :). Once dry, all clothes must be ironed to be soft and un-wrinkled. It usually takes two DAYS to do laundry.


It take me two days to do laundry because I am lazy and leave them in the wash or in the dryer.

Yep. Time for me to stop complaining about my laundry. Not to mention the blessing of actually having enough clothes to wash.

That’s one thing out of several I need to stop complaining about!

What do you need to stop complaining about?

2 thoughts on “No more complaining…

  1. Audra,

    Amen! Goodness – I complain about trying to get my toddler to sleep. These days are so fleeting. I should be rejoicing in the precious time I have with him!

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