Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system. I vented last night and cried and gnashed my teeth and while it was painful to look in the mirror, call things the way they really were, after it I did that, I could begin a new journey without the weight I was carrying.

I had carried a hundred things in my bag that I didn’t really need. Do you ever do that? Unknowingly, you pick up things along the way and and some point it breaks your back and you wonder why you are in so much pain.

So, you sit down (because walking with such a big bag has now just become impossible), dump the bag upside down….and begin sifting.

Sifting through memories.

Sifting through experience.

Sifting through the pieces of your life.

I had forgotten that I had picked up some things along the way that I no longer needed-or never should have picked up from the beginning. During the sifting, throwing away, filing, pitching, I talk to the Lord. It’s been a while since I have talked to Him for this long. Or thought about His word how vital it is…maybe it is all I really need in my bag. He is all I should need, instead of the stuffed amount of ancillary things I have chosen to fill up it with.

After I was through, I could stand up again, breathe, walk, and being anew the journey He has called us all to-to follow Him and bring Him glory.

I don’t have everything worked out. Everything is not perfectly sorted, nor do I have answers for some of things I don’t understand.

But God.

He does. And for today, just today…that is enough for me.

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