I’ve been rolling around an eBook idea. “About what,” you ask? So glad you did. It would be about:

How we can change the world from our doorstep. How we can impact the world by obeying what He’s called us to. For me, it is impacting the world by working to change human trafficking-eradicating it. Some practical resources and ways you can be involved in this fight to end modern day slavery. For you, it may be impacting the world through writing, singing, leading, your family, your school, business, and more. Some practical ways you can connect to others who have the same passion and vision from God. I’m called to be a voice for the voiceless. What makes your heart beat fast? How has He called you to change the world from your doorstep?

Chime in. What do you think? Do it? Bomb?

6 thoughts on “Elevator Pitch (book idea)

  1. Ann,

    Do it!!! Some people just don’t know how to take passionate ideas and turn them into realities. And, they think they’re alone in their passions. Some practical tips to act and connect just might be the push that those people need to get up and go. Praying for you as you submit to God pulling this idea together in your heart and mind. Love you!

  2. Brooke McGlothlin,

    That issue grabs my heart too…mainly because I feel rescuing those in slavery so intimately mirrors the way our heavenly Father rescues us.

    Looking good 🙂

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