Today is my birthday and I just am overwhelmed by all He has given me this past year. When I look forward to this coming year it just makes me smile.

I’m six months through the year and had set some goals in January that the Lord had impressed on my heart in the fall of 2010.

I spent much of 2010 feeling like Elijah, out on the edge of the plateau, seeing the rain cloud from afar. Knowing that change was coming, but unsure what all it would mean or how it would happen.

Today, I celebrate my birthday with two kids, an amazing husband, and a part time job that allows me to be at home more with my children. I sit speechless as I look back over the last year as He issued things through, all in preparation for today.

My husband travels a lot and it was becoming clear that one us needed to be home more. We began praying for an opportunity for part time work that would also allow for the flexibility at small kids require. He has answered that in an amazing way.

I have been trying to encourage and connect with more people, listening to their story of how Gid has brought them where they are today and He continually connects the dots in fascinating ways.
I also have deeply desired to just flat out tell people how much I appreciate them and love them-regularly. I’m not sure why we wait until something major happens, or a brush with death scares us into gratitude, but I am convinced that we should not waste this life “waiting” to tell others how we feel about them.

There have been more curve balls thrown our way this year (for my family) than I ever thought the Lord thought we could handle, but His grace and strength continues to sustain; and I am seeing why He really is the solid ground that we can stand on.

Well, there’s a million more things that come to mind, but I try to keep my posts short so there’s not a novel.

What are you grateful for? What has He given you already this year that you have seen come to fruition? What has He not granted that I can pray for? If it’s not something public, email me (kristi@kristigriem.com).

Love ya. 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’ my birthday!

  1. amber,

    Happy for your birthday and the new job. God has given us some curve balls but am thankful for our writing/music projects that God has blessed this year.

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