This little guy sits in our bathroom as decoration. My kids beg at least two-three times a month for me to open the package and use him for bath time.

Today, after much begging on their part and trying to explain that he was just soap “decoration” on my part, I laughed.

I mean burst out laughing.

I heard what I was saying “it is for decoration, honey. I know he is cute and looks like fun…” but REALLY. Why not?

Why not use the soap frog for what he was made for? Why put him under a bucket instead of allowing him to bring joy?Why not use myself in God’s service for what I am made for?

Why not? Why be stuffy and deny my kids enjoyment because I selfishly desire posterity? Decorations are after all, just that…outward appearances. The legacy I want to leave my kids is that they are more important than things and that life should be enjoyed to the full to the glory of God.

So the frog went swimming, the bath water turned green, and laughter rang throughout the house….


4 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Lenae,

    “Why not use myself in God’s service for what I am made for?” Oh goodness, I have to constantly ask myself this question and re-evaluate how I’m living. Whether it’s clinging to the decorative soap frog or something much more serious, we could all do good to remember what we are made for and aim for it.

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