Some practical things I have made note of the last week, as we lived through the tornadoes that were on the ground for 218 miles in Alabama. If there are storms in your future and you think your power might be out for more than 24 hours, here are some things I learned:

1. Finish your laundry. At least what is in the washer. 🙂

2 It isn’t enough to have a few candles…have enough candles to use them several nights in a row.

3. Store away D batteries, paper plates, cups, utensils that are only to be used for storm/power outages.

4. have a cell charger for your car.

5. make copies and keep them in a portable folder of important documents.

6. text one family member/friend and tell them where you are going to be (your safe place) during the storm.

7.  have a cooler that is empty that you can get ice and salvage what is needed from your fridge. this way you aren’t opening your fridge multiple times.

We still are just so grateful that our house did not sustain damage, but more than anything, that we are all alive and well. Thank you Lord!!

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