I was challenged last fall on two things, transparency and gratitude (telling people how much I love or appreciate them, not waiting until they are gone, moved, etc.). The challenge to really be transparent sounded good, but has turned out to be a bigger project than I imagined. I thought it was a simple task of moving some rocks to begin down a new road. However, the rocks were really boulders and I’ve learned moving them all quickly is not easily done. What took years to accumulate as a habit, takes time to move.

Some things I am working on:

-Doing my best to label/verbalize my own emotions, instead of just requiring my kids to.

-Letting my husband know when I am frustrated, instead of letting it build up and explode for no reason.

-Smiling genuinely at people, looking into their eyes, instead of hurriedly passing by, anxious to get to the next thing.

-Listening, instead of always anticipating an answer (I am still really, REALLY not good at this!!).

-Giving things (as many times an hour as I need to) back to the One who owns all the cattle on a thousand hills, and gave me those I love. Entrusting them to Him, who holds them tighter than I physically can.

-Remembering who I am in Christ and using those abilities to their fullest, instead of shelving them because of time.

Not very far along on the road, but I AM on the road. The I AM walking right beside me.

What have you been challenged by or for recently?


4 thoughts on “Challenge 1: On transparency

  1. Ann Hibbard,

    Ouch – I really needed to read that. Especially the last three. I’ve worked on the first four myself for a LONG time, and am seeing some progress. But the last four…

    Thanks for sharing the challenge. Love you!


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