Tabitha House and WorldCraftssm are teaming up to change the lives of some of Guatemala’s most vulnerable families.

This article is part of the WorldCrafts Set1Free campaign, which highlights WorldCrafts artisan groups working to end sexual exploitation and human trafficking among the world’s poor.


Through the work of Tabitha House, women’s lives are being transformed in perhaps the most poverty-stricken area of downtown Guatemala City, Guatemala. Before finding work making jewelry and other crafts for Tabitha House, many of the women were involved in prostitution, drugs, or even selling their children on the black market. Now they can provide food, clothing, and shelter for their families with the income they earn from this project.

Tabitha House jewelry is painstakingly made by hand from river rock, beads, and recycled paper. The women use a toothpick to roll the recycled paper into what looks like a bead. It takes them hours at night to make these paper beads and then to string them all together. Most of the women also have day jobs working in the trash recycling industry. (Their community has been built up around a landfill).

In addition to helping women get off the streets and attain better jobs, Tabitha House is now able to offer preschool education for the women’s children. This house of outreach truly stands as a shining light in the midst of a dark, dangerous neighborhood, offering an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to all. Please pray for the women and children helped by this ministry as it continues to grow.

As a creative bonus, Tabitha House artisans decided of their own initiative to include a special ring with each of their jewelry sets, just for WorldCrafts customers.

Your purchase of these handmade items from WorldCrafts allows Tabitha House in Guatemala to provide loving support and a fair income to women in dire poverty. As WorldCrafts orders additional products from Tabitha House, this artisan group can help more women and children escape sexual exploitation, providing them spiritual hope and a sustainable lifestyle.

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