My childhood years saw Mary Poppins a lot. I love Julie Andrews and Sound of Music is probably still one of my most favorite movies. My husband even endured the Sound of Music tour when we were in Salzburg, years ago.

Mary Poppins was on tv recently and I got to see most of it. I laughed and laughed (especially when the song “I love to laugh” came on!) and even cried.

I laughed because it reminded me of how wonderful childhood is. I am blessed with a family that cherished that and still has a child’s heart, in many ways. I want the same for my children.

I cried because in the end really, just like the Banks’ children, we want to know we are loved, accepted, and valued by those closest to us. The children were not necessarily upset because Mary Poppins had to go, they were upset because they wondered who would love them as she did. The end of the movie reveals a changed father and then family. It also hones in on the choice we all have to be content and imaginative. Wow.

Watching Mary Poppins as an adult and as a parent reminded me of some truths:

Childhood is an amazing gift. Cherish it for those around you (yourself and your kids).

You can never love, accept, and value your children too much. I don’t mean spoil, give in, not set boundaries, etc. I mean really love them, really value them, and accept them for who they are.

Choosing to have a good attitude and not letting your emotions choose you.

Valuing my children (and those I love) for who they are, not what I think everyone expects me to have them be.

Christ does this for me daily and I oftentimes overlook it. Thank you, Lord for loving, valuing, and accepting me-making me in the image of you-as Your child. May I be a better steward of the love You have given me, passing it on to those around me.


2 thoughts on “Mary Poppins and Me

  1. Emily,

    Kristi, Mary Poppins is my absolute favorite! I’m a tinsy bit obsessed with her! I LOVE this post!

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