Stop slavery.

I would free the 30,000+ women in Calcutta, India that I was with, holding hands, hugging hearts, and praying for; a year ago this week.

I would tell them how they have a choice and they aren’t really owned-He loves them and wants to own them, heart and soul-calling them His.

I would tell my children that this is the legacy I want to leave them, that they would know He cares for the poor and brokenhearted and that I do too-and want to do something about it. I want them to understand that He is a God of justice, but one of compassion. He suffers with those that are hurting-no matter what your hurts are.

This is what I would do if I could. Change the world. Change from slavery, to freedom. From trafficked to hope. From death to life in Him.

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  1. Comment author Kristi Griem,

    I feel that way a lot!! The group I mentioned is actually a way an individual can help. We can chat more ab this at Relevant for sure 😉

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