The last few weeks have had several dear people in my life walking through challenging times.

I keep thinking about a variance of a post I have written before, but adding to it based on recent study in 1 Kings.

Looking at both Joseph (Gen 40) and Elijah (1 Kings) you see how both obeyed God, following him, but still ran into even more challenging things that would definately make me question whether I heard Him right.

Joseph is promoted in Pharoah’s palace, working for a top guy, then is unjustly accused and imprisoned. Elijah obeys God, goes to a stream where he gets water and food (from ravens even!!) and then the brook dries up. I just keep thinking BUT THEY OBEYED!!! Why would He allow that when they obeyed?

Because of what happens next to reveal His glory and show up in an amazing way.

Next Chapter: Joseph is freed, becomes number 2 guy in Egypt AND is able to reunite (eventually) with his family. I wonder if he ever dreamed in prison suffering that any of that would have really happened?

Next chapter: Elijah obeys, goes to live with a widow and her son, but the SON DIES. Falsely accused of this, he asked God to raise the son to life AND HE DOES. Next chapter: Elijah shows the glory of God over Baal at Mt Carmel. I wonder if Elijah thought He would see God glorified that way when he was bent over a dead boy, asking for his life.

This encourages me, because it is as if through His Word, God is saying “Hang on!! Hang on!! Keep going, I am about to do something amazing!!”

Can you hear the Saints cheering? Those that have gone before you?

Because they are, my friend.

They are cheering for you. Rooting for you. Most importantly, God is cheering for you. I hope you hear Him saying “Hang on! I’m right here! I love YOU and am about to do something amazing through you and for you.” Just like these guys, it will probably be more than we can ask or imagine.

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