“Why?” you ask.

Everyone leaves for a mission trip but me. I stay home, work, stay with the kids. My husband, my parents, my friends.  All are on the mission field.

I am jealous.

Until I am reminded.

I AM on the mission field…every day. It surrounds me with the pitter patter of two sets of feet….2 and 4. It laughs at silly things that mommy does. It smiles back at the grocery store. I waves graciously at the stop sign. It sings during the worship service on Sundays.

I can’t be jealous of what I already have, right here, in my own home; the area where I live.

Spring break should be every day, every week of my life. “Just a little perspective, Kristi,” the Lord gently reminds me.

What is your mission field?

4 thoughts on “Why I do not like spring break

  1. Dad,

    The greatest opportunity for discipleship too often missed is the one that gets under our feet and in our hair. Great insights and thanks for sharing what God is teaching!

  2. suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter},

    this is so true–motherhood is our ministry in this season–we are pouring ourselves into people entrusted completely into our care.

    short term missions can be sexy, but it’s the day in day out life on life ministry that builds up the Kingdom of God.

    (i need to tell myself this daily! perspective, perspective:)

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