Amazing challenges this week from our church missions conference. The one that hit me the most was from the missionary that our small group spent the week with, Tim Milner.

The Epic Church in San Fransisco is doing some amazing things and the Lord is working there. A core practice he and the pastor have are “next steps.” Next steps with the church, friendships, marriage, family, etc. Tim challenged us to review our relationships and think about what the “next steps” were for each of those.

I was super challenged by this, as there are many things I have just let be, because they are fine. Coasting. But Tim’s challenge hit home, because there are some areas where I see and know next steps are needed and I just haven’t wanted to move foward to accomplish them.

I find myself now asking what other areas need “next steps” and what the Lord would have me do. Challenging for sure!

What are your next step areas?

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