I look at my daughter and I see the pictures of me at her age, moving, breathing, laughing. It is surreal.

I find myself smiling at her little morning habits: snuggling in bed, snuggling with dad or I, wanting breakfast soon after getting out of bed, not saying a whole lot until she ‘wakes’ up.
I smile because it is me.
Is this how the Father feels? He sees traits of Himself in us and just smiles, knowingly? Looks lovingly at us because He can anticipate a cry to Him or a laugh?
What an imaginative, great God we serve. Who would have guessed we see ourselves mirrored in our own children? What a blessing.
Who do you mirror? Who mirrors you?


7 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. Kristen@Chasing Blue Skies,

    Kristi, what a sweet parallel you draw here between parent and child. It reminds me of one of my favorite Bible passages in Zephaniah where it talks about God being delighted with us and rejoicing over us with singing. He does love us so!

    Precious daughter you have! Adorable!

  2. the Provident Woman,

    What a beautiful daughter. I notice each of my kids takes after either my huband or me in the morning. 2 of them can take off running, smiling and talking up a storm (that’s my husband). The other 2 need food and quiet for just a little bit first (that’s me).

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